Alternatives for TP?

Hi all,
Since TP has unfortunately been turned into a dead-end tool now, what are viable alternatives? My company is very small, so a very expensive tool is not an option. And I personally am not a fan of heavy scripting, so selenium is not a first choice. Any other suggestions?
Thanks, Joppe


You can try out dicovered this while listening to the test automation podcast. Although they don’t have the same add-on library as TestProject, which I needed in order to do some operations on our tests.


Try checking Katalon. Katalon
Although as per me TestProject is by far the best that I had discovered but really a very abrupt and unexpected end to this which was reallt not expected and was heartbreaking.


For now it looks like we will go for AccelQ. It is not free, but it will cover all of our needs and it isn’t as insanely priced as Testim.

@j.vannoort Could you please share the price and what plan have you availed for AccelQ. Overall what all features are you getting for the plan you have subscribed for this tool. Thanks!

@j.vannoort sorry I’ve not read the recent subjects, but what makes you think TP is dying ?

We are starting with just the Web module, in the future we’ll probably also add the module for Mobile. They also have support for API. The cost is around $ 4700 annually (for just Web). The main feature for us is that it is low-code, since people who are going to work with it are not developers.

Lot of outtage for “maintenance”, after that agents are not registered anymore and you have to reinstall en re-register the agent to have the jobs run again. No answers from Tricentis, no heads-up for maintenance, no noticable improvement for this issue.

If you’re looking for a recorder, Cypress recently brought back their experimental Cypress Studio :slight_smile: we left Selenium for TP because TP made things much easier for our non-programmers within the team, and Cypress turned out to be the one on top after we realized what we missed out on :muscle:


Does cypress Studio support Mobile automation as well?

We feel like is a good alternative. It’s very user-friendly (also offers a test recorder), focused on mobile and it supports a wide range of application frameworks like flutter or react-native. There is also a free version available.

only 4700 USD? because my quote was much higher like 17k for just web from AccelQ. Are you just using 1 agent and local testing with no training package? We are trying to decide between Testim and AccelQ and both prices are almost the same. So I’m confused on what you are getting from AccelQ for under 5k, you may want to double check your quote.

Yeah, we only need one license. Very small company.

We have a web application. We tested out

  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • Testim
  • WebdriverIO
  • Protractor
  • Playwright

Winner by far was Playwright (stable, fast, parallelism, CI/CD integrations, well documented, good support). Cypress came in as second, the reason is their trade-offs. The cost is the cost of time spent creating and maintaining the tests, it’s open-source as is Cypress and Selenium.

The test recorder (“codegen”) of Playwright is not, and probably will never be as good as TestProjects, but at the end of the day it wasn’t a problem.

For API testing we use Postman.


No, unfortunately :frowning: only browser-based applications, unless you are testing a responsive web app.

Yeah, our contract was significantly higher than $4700 as well… dang. Makes me sad that this tool has such great potential and the others that are similar cost so damn much.

will check this. Thanks

Oh, just looked at a new tool that looks promising, Cometa. co.meta - Complete Meta Test Automation - It is very new, but opensource AND it looks to give about the same features as TP.

Just scheduled a demo with them for tomorrow, looks like an interesting platform indeed. Will report findings back here tomorrow for

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Does anybody give a try to Sofy and Waldo?