Allow the test step to be added at desired place instead of at the end

Currently when we add a test step manually it adds the step to the last. So if lets say I have 100 steps and my 25th step fails and to fix it I feel I need to add a step at 24th place then in this case if I add a test step using the given option to add test step manually it will go at 101th place and from there I will have to drag it to 24th - which seems tedious.
Same happens when I use double shift on a locator.

A way around here is that I duplicate the 25th step and then modify it as per my requirement.

Instead it would be easier if I am able to add step after the step I have currently have my keyboard/mouse focus on.
Like I selected 24th step and I am able to add a step manually after it (i.e. a new step between 24th and 25th)

Hi @palak.jethwani.

I have opened a ticket on this.

You will be notified here once it’s resolved.

This is the ticket number: TP-17208