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Allow for Preferred Application(s)

A Preferred Application at the Project and/or Folder level would allow for every new Test made within can assume and pre-select, or at least prioritize, the appropriate options for the given folder level of the test. One could choose not to make any apps preferred, and that should (at least for now) be the default.

Basically the same interface as now, but with options after configuring/selecting an app to suggest to make this a local folder default app (if it is not already), or select from all ancestors up to project level. Once in the list and in their given scope, they would show along with the option to extend your search or add a new Application.

Imagine a project with a common API, an Admin App, and a User App. The API test could go in an API folder where the API’s URL is the target app, same with Admin App and its respective WebUI tests set as preferred for the Admin App’s URL.

The User App has UIs for Web, iOS, and Android. Each of those subfolders could have their own overriding Preferred Applications settings.

This would not remove the usual list of all apps, but it would make the appropriate apps easier to waive through in context. In most use cases, it would turn a process of at least a scan|click|scan|click|scan|click-to-continue process into a simpler scan|click-to-continue process.

Hi @jim.orr,
Thanks for the suggestion, I highly appreciate your time.
And your intention to make TestProject better, I have opened an improvement request with your suggestion with the following number: TP-16967.
I will let you know once it’s resolved.