Allocating a particular Display (Desktop) in a multiple display env. for test execution of a particular Web type tests?

We tend to have multiple external displays attached to each of our QA workstations.
Our customers do the same when they operate our solution.

Laptop workstations typically come with a small and low res. “built-in” display compared to what external displays may have to offer.
More to this, it turns out that the current screen dimensions/resolutions is important when actually executing tests: It makes quite a difference, if we run tests using the low res laptop displays or one of the larger, high. res. external displays. For one, the “page fold” is reach at different “depths of the page”, so scrolling/go to locator may be needed in one and not in the other situation.

To obtain full control over test execution, I therefore wondered if there were a cmd available in TestProjects recorder by which we could specify one which display # the test should be always executed on?

I assume the numbering including two external, larger and high res. displays go: The laptop display is “Display 1” (primary display), whereas one can assign the “Display 2” and “Display 3” to either of the external displays.

So, if I always wish to execute a particular test on, say, “Display 3” - which cmd. do I enter i the recorder? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

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