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AI Feature for Coded tests (using SDK)

While recording using the recorder, it records 2-3 locators for same element and then uses the AI feature to use the secondary locator instead of primary (in-case of issues in identification)

Similarly do you have something with respect to coded tests? Because our company does not want the test cases to be in your UI. Please help me on this

Or the AI feature offers something else other than just using alternative locator?

Hello @vinothone2one,

Currently, the Self Healing AI capabilities are only available in the TestProject Recorder.
For coded tests, using the TestProject openSDK v2, you can locate the element similarly to Selenium (using the By class for example).

You can always record your steps, copy the locators of the element created by the TestProject Recorder and use them in your coded tests, so if the element was not found by the first locator, your code will try to capture it by the next locator, and so on.