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Agents is frozen on starting development session phase

I started agent. The status is Idle. Device also connected and agent see it.
When I try run test via runner I see following message: “DEBUG io.testproject.java.sdk.v2.Runner - Starting development session…”
And nothing happened. Looks like the session is frozen. No errors, no stops.
What is the reason of this behavior?

Please disconnect / connect your device and restart the Agent.
If it doesn’t help, please upload and provide your Agent logs.

I tried to do all of this actions. Nothing changed. Where is exist Agent Logs?

There are lots of messages in your logs saying that connectivity with the device has been lost.
Please reboot your device and switch to a different USB cable / USB port.
Please remove any security restrictions such as PIN/Pattern lock as the device can’t be unlocked to start the development session.
As well, there is a new Agent version available, please download and install it from the TestProject website.