Agent stopped in the middle of execution and CPU usage is 100%

Hi all,

whenever I am executing a job, it shows agent is connected but in the middle of the job it gets disconnected. I tried to install a new version 3.3 Agent but it did not work then i went back to 3.1 version of agent as it was working fine before. please help me to understand how to make Agent work and also to reduce CPU usage by 100%.

Here is a screenshot of logs.


Hello @pratima.sharma,
Please make sure you have the latest Chrome and TestProject Agent’s versions.
Also, here are some solutions that may help you:

  1. Try to lower your agent workers.
  2. Try to close unneeded services on your computer.
  3. Try to restart your machine.
  4. Try to delete your temporary agent files as shown here.

In case the issue persist feeel free to contact us at

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