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Agent not starting - 'agent failed connecting to TestProject servers'

I get the following error when attempting to start the TestProject agent:

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 12.07.02

I am using macOS (tested with Big Sur and Mojave) and have had the agent running on both successfully before today. I am using agent v0.65.11 (current latest) and also have tried v0.65.10.

Are there any local logs or means of seeing how/why the agent is failing to connect? All other network connectivity is working as expected.

Any help appreciated,

Hello @william.mckeand
We’ve experienced an outage that might have prevented from the Agent to connect to TestProject cloud, however the issue was resolved, you can continue your work.

@guy.saban thank you - all working again now. Is there somewhere I can check for outages if this ever happens again? Does the agent keep any local logs to diagnose such issues?

Many thanks

Hey @william.mckeand,

The agent does keep internal logs, their locations differentiate based on the operating system, you can however easily get them from the platform by heading to the agent tab, finding your local agent, pressing the more option, and downloading the logs:


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