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Agent not registering (logs show signal disconnected)


I have downloaded another agent for my account to use on another computer. I’m still using the other one also.

I downloaded the agent and started it, I also went to register and it says that it has registered and that agent is starting (but it was already running?). It just stays like that. When I check the logs it shows this:

Agent has registered with token:
(Token displayed here, didn’t want to paste it incase it was a security issue)
Agent identity has been saved
Authenticating with TestProject
Starting Signal
Signal Disconnected - transport error
Signal reconnected
Heartbeat state: none
signal disconnected - transport error
signal reconnected
heartbeat state: none

When I refresh the agents page it shows the new one on the list but disconnected.and a “?” for the logo. The agent is running.

I have tried this step twice, I had uninstalled the agent, and reinstalled. Made sure the agent was running, then selected register agent. Sometimes it had prompted to copy a URL into a new window which I did and it timed out (never worked).

Can someone help? Thanks!

P.S No vpn or proxy is on
Agent ID is 132403 if you need it

Hello @Lee.

Please contact us in the support chat so we can continue troubleshooting this.

Hi David, your support team hasn’t been getting back to me. I have talked to a few different people, and the logs were sent through. No one knows what the issue is. (And after I respond i’m not getting answers back). Can you escalate this to someone that might be able to help me?

@david.goichman To further update, I have also tried registering as a remote agent.

Scenario 1: I have two computers. Computer 1 already has a local agent setup and running fine. Computer 2 I had downloaded and installed the latest agent version, and logged into test project on Computer 2 and tried registering that way. Shows as disconnected on dashboard but Agent says it’s registered and in logs.

Scenario 2: Downloaded the latest agent on Computer 2, started agent. On Computer 1 I logged into test project and clicked register agent. Used the IP address of Computer 2 and gave it an alias name. Computer 1 started registering the agent located on Computer 2 and says it was successful. Agent dashboard on both computers shows Disconnected. Logs on Computer 1 also show “Signal disconnected - transport error. Signal reconnected. Heartbeat State: None:” repeated over and over. (This is the same as the logs for scenario 1)

I have tried hotspotting using to my computer 2 incase it was that specific connection. - Shows still as disconnected
I tried turning off the firewall and antimalware/virus software - Shows still as disconnected
I have tried downloading older Agent versions and installing - Shows still as disconnected
VPN is not turned on.
Speed Test shows 80+ MBps.
Computer 1 has no issues running the initial agent.
Computer 2 has no issues registering the agents after each uninstall.

The reason why I want to run another agent on another computer is so that the jobs can run overnight - Computer 2 can be left on, Computer 1 cannot.

Please, can you assist on here? I’m sure other people who have the same issue would like to see the steps on here.

Can I manually update the agent-configuration.json file to something?? Bind IP is, Port and Secure port is populated (should this be something from the logs?) proxy enabled is false, and the rest is null and 0.