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Agent not appearing after upgrade

Hi all
I am new to Testproject. I downloaded a new version of the agent and am trying to register it but it just does not appear under the Agents window. I have tried umpteen times to quit, restart, rebooted my laptop and also twice uninstalled and installed it but it still does not appear.
On my laptop, the Testproject icon in the tray says Agent running but click here to register. If I click on it and try to register it says you need to have an agent installed and running,
I am going crazy trying to do this
Can someone suggest any fixes?

Hello @jayshree.ravi.

As discussed, to register the agent, you will need to select the following option in the agent tab on the platform:


After which you will need to give the agent a name of your choice:

After updating the agent will stay registered, it’s important not to remove the id.dat file located in the agent directory at:
%appdata%->TestProject->Agent (on Windows)
As this will remove the registration and will require you to register again.