Agent issue - need reregister Agent

times to times scheduled JOBS stop launching

  • all jobs going to Agent’s “execution” tab and never launched
  • agent showing as active in agent list when computer is shut downed.
  • agent showing as active in agent list, but web browser say “agent not registered”

once a two month need remove and register agent. apply new agent on all JOBS.

How fix that?

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Any update here ?

I get this every single time I restart the agent (And agent gots stucked frequently, so i need to do this many times).

It is very annoying to do the whole process of stopping agent, cleaning logs, starting agent, registering agent, assigning agent in my jobs. Especially when i have >3 agents.

Please let us know what the issue is in case we can do something to fix this ourselves.

This issue occurs every time :roll_of_toilet_paper:goes down for “maintenance” and unfortunately, all we can do is re-register our agents :man_facepalming: this was a wonderful product and once Tricentis moved on with Testim, this platform went downhill with what support we actually had here pretty much disappearing. People here would have paid good money for TP. I’m sure most of the people that have spent hours on end using this platform can agree with me in saying that Tricentis gave us false hope to pursue greed over sustainability of this one of a kind platform. Don’t just tell us what we want to hear and keep TP relatively alive until one day we come on here and see a final message about it going bye bye. Tell us now or go down with the other companies that offered a service and abruptly abandoned it and it’s community…


:roll_of_toilet_paper: this is really embarrassing

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