Agent Failed connecting to TestProject Servers

I can’t seem to connect to the TestProject servers I tried to reinstall the agent it’s still not working. I believe my internet connection is working as expected any advice on this issue?

Dear Testproject,
The continued agent issues are having a major impact on productivity for your users.
Every day or two, I am finding that my agent looses its’ registration (id.dat file is gone on Linux environment).
On a mac, the agent has to re-register itself as well.
Here is how it impacts my productivity.

  1. I have to log into the linux environment where the agent is running. (We have the agent setup on linux so it can run jobs automatically without impacting anyone’s workstation).
  2. Find the testproject logs. I noticed the logs indicate the agent is offline.
  3. I also notice the id.dat file which is in the /.testproject/agent is missing (again). This holds the registration information.
  4. Kill all the testproject processes running on the linux environment.
  5. Restart the agent.
  6. The agent will then show it is not registered.
  7. I cannot register with the previous name without deleting the agent from the web interface.
  8. When I delete the agent from the web interface, it deletes the agent from ALL Testproject Jobs, and all Jenkins jobs which is using that agent.
  9. Re-register the agent via linux command using the previous name.
  10. Now I have to go to each job in testproject and reset the agent. I have 10 jobs.
  11. I also must go to all the Jenkins jobs we have setup for the Agent and reset the agent in those jobs. There are 5 of these.

Doing this work every 1-2 days is not acceptable. Please look into your Agent stability issues. If you want people to consider using any other Tricentis products, the attention and support you give to Testproject must continue. Otherwise, we will seek other solution providers.


I am hitting the exact same issue, except I lost my registered agents almost daily. I am also running my test pass on a Linux environment.

TestProject Team,
Again, a day after I spent time registering my agent in our linux environment, I start work the next day and I find out the agent has lost it’s registration AGAIN! Please Please Please! Fix this!

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this issue occurred also to me on a daily basis
@eldar can you assist here?

I’m attaching my agent log file. Each day within the 6pm hour Mountain time, the log files errors start to show up in the agent log file indicating it has lost its authentication.

I have same issue. every 1-2 days same job: re-register agent with new name, apply new agent to all jobs, delete old agent … WTF!!!

it happens to me as well every day or two ( also maintenance warnings when trying to access Testproject site)
@asaf.saar @eldar please let us know what is the issue.

This continues to happen.
I wanted to post what I’ve been doing to help with resetting up of the agent every 1-2 days. My agent sits on a linux server. So, once I have the id.dat file (which contains the registration information of the agent). I make a copy of it, so I always have a copy of it on hand. When the id.dat file is somehow deleted (which happens every 1-2 days), I just make another copy of the original copy and rename it to id.dat. At that point, you will need to stop the agent (in linux I kill the processes), and then restart the agent so it picks up the id.dat file. This process has cut my setup time and agent assignment to jobs down significantly. It is a shame that we have to do this and there has been no response from TestProject on this issue at all (that I can find).

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