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Agent does not register even when allowed through proxy

Agent will not register even though allowed through proxy
In the agent log file it says:


Any suggestions?

Hello @michele.milliner,
Can you please try to register from incognito mode on Chrome browser and make sure that the chrome extensions are disabled?

I am also having issue with register agent and have started a conversation to support. For me trying in incognito didn’t help.

When I try to create a new test the site says “Your local agent is disconnected. Recording is disabled. Please start your agent. You can also choose to edit your test manually.”
But my agent is running, and when I do the Agent Registration I see “A TestProject Agent, Magnus’s Agent, is running on the local machine.”

I spoke to support and after deleting the id.dat in C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\TestProject\Agent and then restarting agent, I could register the agent again

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