Agent does not get registered properly, hence unable to run tests

Unable to run test cases on the local agent. Getting below error.

Please let me know how can it be resolved.

Hi @bhumika.chhabra ,

First, which agent version are you using?

Please follow these steps to solve the issue:

  • Restart the agent and reproduce the issue.

  • If you have restarted the agent and the issue still occurs, please reinstall the agent and reproduce once again.

Let me know if you have managed.

Tried all the above steps, but still facing the same issue.
Can you please suggest further?

Do you use VPN/Proxy/Antivirus?
If you do, please ask your IT to whitelist these domains in the VPN settings:

If you are not using any VPN, please send us your Agent logs for analysis to our:

You can download the logs and upload them here as shown below:

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