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Agent Docker Browsers

As far as I understood the manual, if I want to use headless browsers I’m running 3 containers, one per browser and one for the agent. Thats ok, what I do not like so much is that I have to bind it to a defined job by the id of that job.

What I need is a configuration where the agent can be called for every test offering to run it on a browser and not browserstack. Can I use the above mentioned setup too?

Or do I have to install both headless browsers in the container where the agent runs?


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And again I found the answer by myself. :smiley:

Take the docker-compose file, expose the port 8585 (you have to add that),
omit the Job-ID part. Then start the docker compose and if the agent runs the
first time ever, register it in you TP workspace as agent.

When you now start a test and chose the agent you will see that it offers the both headless browsers and as usual browserstack.

Works fine and fast up to now.

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Hello again @coyo.

Glad you found the solution to this.