Agent crashing during execution

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I am trying to run a job. when I clicked on Run I can see the agent is ready and connected but when I am executing a job the monitor does not display any job and the job doesn’t run. Also, Agent shows disconnected.
I am using an old version of Agent 3.1. Is it due to the Agent version?


Hi @sharpat8.

Please download the latest version of the agent (3.3.0) and try again.

Let us know if you are still facing this issue.

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I tried with a new version too but the issue exists. I am executing a job. at the time when I check it shows agent connected. My CPU shows 100% occupied and then it shows disconnected and the job doesn’t run. also, the job won’t appear in the Monitor.


Here is a screenshot of CPU showing 100% and then Agent is disconnecting.


Hi all, I am still facing issues with the Agent. I cannot record or debug existing scripts as the agent gets disconnected. I cannot execute any test scripts. I am using the latest version 3.3. The agent gets disconnected when CPU shows 100% usage. I tried to use the old version. nothing is working. Very disappointing.

Hi All, Does anyone else facing the same issue? My agent disconnected every few minutes and I can not execute a single job. I would appreciate any help.


Can you please share your agent logs with,
you can find them here.
So we can further investigate.

Hello there, Yes I have been facing the same issue on my Mac agent.

Getting disconnected. I am on latest version too Thank you

I have already shared the logs with support team but will do that again. Thanks

Hi @pratima.sharma ,
Thanks for sharing the logs we will investigate and update you.
Feel free to use @Amit.Lacher to tag me anywhere on the site.

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I have downloaded a new version of TestAgent 3.4.1 but still having the same issue. Whenever I start Agent it shows CPU 100% and then crashes. I cannot execute jobs.

Please let me know how can I resolve this issue.



Hi @pratima.sharma,
We have contacted you via email,
And we are still investigating the root cause of the issue.

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