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Agent can't recognise Chromium on Linux

I’m newbie in TestProject, I installed the agent on my ArchLinux system. I have Firefox and Chromium installed, but “testproject-agent browsers” command lists only Firefox.
Finally, I installed the offical Google Chrome on Linux, and it worked. But I like better to use Chromium. How can I configure the agent to use Chromium?

./testproject-agent browsers                                                                   ✔ 
| type    | version |
| FIREFOX | 89.0    |

Currently only the following browsers are officially supported:

  1. explorer
  2. edge
  3. chrome
  4. firefox
  5. safari
    Please try any of these and it should be recognizable by the TestProject agent,
    In any case, I’ve added a feature request on adding support for it and it might be added in the future.
    the request number is: TP-15746.
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