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Agent 2.1.1 and HTML Search Text action


we just updated TestProject Agent for the latest 2.1.1 version and some of our tests start failing.

The reason seems to be related with the ‘Search Text’ action provided by the HTML Table Actions Add-On


This particular action, Search Text returns true if the text was found as well the position (row number) where the text is located on an HTML Table.

Using TestProject Agent v2.0.2 the action returns 0 and the step is executed successfully:

Using TestProject Agent v2.1.1 the action returns 0.0 and the step is executed unsuccessfully:

Can you please evaluate this behaviour? Mean while we reinstalled TestProject v2.0.2 in order to continue with our test execution.

Thanks in advance.
Best regrads,

Hello @sandro.pinto
This is a known bug, it has been fixed in version 2.2.0 which will be released soon.
Until then you can use v2.0.2.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Thanks for your reply @kfir.yosef