After todays maintenance I am unable to get my latest changes made in Test Scripts

I had made some crucial changes last day and today after the site maintenance I am unable to get the latest changes in the script.

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You are not alone. The same has happened to me when I am just about to do a demo. :sob:

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I also lost some new changed scripts after the maintenance
@ran.ferdinaro Can you please check this issue ?

@ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov can you please check that issue . after maintenance all may last changes in test cases reverts . :smiling_face_with_tear:

Any update regarding this? The lost scripts are important for us and a good amount of time will be lost if we try recreating.

I also lost changes made last week including uploading an AddOn

all the changes in the folder are missing

Same goes with me. some of my test script disappeared after maintenance. Is there any way to store that scripts locally so that don’t affect?

Thank you.

Is there any update on this issue?
Me and my team mates have been losing our scripts and few steps from the script every maintenance run.
Is there a way to avoid this or save a back up somewhere?

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