After maintenance the agent is not working

@eldar please provide the tentative time for this issue resolve And also provide any update information for this issue related.

I just started yesterday looking into this automation framework and conducting a POC on it which by the way is great! Unfortunately with the maintenance this morning and now the agent not working anymore I already feel the need to raise the following things which by the way place a big question mark if it’s still worth looking into using it and or adopting it moving further:

TestProject really needs a status page (e.g. for monitoring the state of their services as well as a scheduled maintenance information page (e.g. Data Center Maintenance Windows | Sauce Labs Documentation) to keep its users up to date so that they know what to expect and plan their work around them.

It is really not acceptable for such an automation tool to randomly have to face the fact that a maintenance is just happening and blindly waiting for it to finish. Not to say that it’s also not working afterwards and you loose a day or more to be able to resume work. Without these the tool becomes unreliable for releasing projects as it interferes seriously with everybody’s release cycle in doing so.


Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you elder. It’s working now. what was the issue? What about frequent maintenance downtimes?

@eldar against my agent , when i run the jobs latest reports are not generating . Can you please help me regarding this issue . I am really thankful to you

@eldar It is still not working for iOS 15.6.
‘Display Device screen failed’ error is coming.

still not working for me. I open the TestProject agent and see it in Dock. After a second the TestProject agent is gone from my dock.
On the webpage TestProject I can see my agent (shown as a green dot).
However when I use View device I get a Display device screen failed

Couldn’t connect to agent of device

On the device however Appium settings is opened and my app is opened. I.e. there is a connection with my telephone however it just won’t show it @eldar could you please help me out?

It’s working now. Thank you eldar.

I was forced logout just now, can not login successful anymore, prompt that invalid username or password :weary:
Acutally I share testproject yesterday with my team and we decided to user it. but it not works from yesterday…

Same to me, login says Invalid User or Password.

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My agent is stuck in Executing mode…how I can fix it?

Same here.
@eldar Any update on when it will be fixed

it is not working…neither local agent – uninstall agent and re-installed nor virtual agent

Not working for me either @eldar

I am sorry to have to say this, but I don’t think TestProject is viable in the long run anymore. Tricentis pulled the plug on development and support, so it is getting more and more unstable.

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We’ll see, the most important thing is that they make it stable and there are no such problems after maintenance. You don’t have to worry about development, the toolkit allows you to cover 99% of your tests

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Any news on the agent issues or is this a dead end?

Agent is working. idk why ur agent is not working =(

I have managed to set up a new agent, but the old one is still stuck in the executing status and cannot be deleted…

For job? Just reassign agent in ur job on new agent and delete the old agent from Agent interface