After maintenance the agent is not working was showing under maintenance and after the fix, the agent is not working. The agent shows running but is not able to record or run tests.


Same issue for me as well Agent issue : it i s not showing OS or version


Same issue I am facing. @ran.ferdinaro @amit.yahav Testproject team Please look into this issue asap.

same here. Testproject team Please take a look

Same issue too. Any idea on timeframe for fix?

Same issue! I thought that something wrong with my mac. :upside_down_face:

Same issue with us as well

I am also facing the same problem. Unable to start my executions.

The same issue with ours agents…

Same on our end, hope they can resolve this fast, there are a lot of maintenance recently.

Same issue with us as well, running test or job on Browserstack Virtual Agent keeps initializing without starting!

same here. I can’t use the agents

We are looking into this.


Once resolved Please update @eldar , We were waiting for your reply

Do we have any update please

same problem here. Cleaning and deleting data below didn’t help. Reinstalling the agent didn’t help either…

@eldar any update in this issue ?

Same issue for me as well [Agent issue: it is not showing OS or version]

Same issue with me also. these days Testproject is going under maintenance very frequently and that maintenance window is ~ 3 to 4 hours. After today’s maintenance window, Agent stopped working. Local Agent is running in background, but unable to communicate to cloud. due to which we are unable to run any tests and unable to record and scripts.


In this situations would be nice to have a mass-message to users that “there is an issue with this or that and we will let you know when it’s fixed”…
Anyway, Forum is also ok :slight_smile: Now we know and we wait. :roll_eyes: