After maintenance on testproject, three days' worth of test cases are missing

Same issue here as well.

Got this from our Tricentis support friends (Ran) who are trying to help out. This will not solve bringing your missing work back but it will help from it happening in the future.

"I suggest you follow these best practices:

  1. Integrate your TestProject account with GitHub (if you haven’t until now).
  2. Duplicate your projects at least once a week to create a backup as there is no recycle bin in TestProject."
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Hello, but as of now, it cannot sync to git.

but even if it syncs to Github, how can we restore/upload those test cases from Github to TestProject? since in the form of .yaml file

The same issue occurred to my team as well.
Is there any way to fix it or is it gonna be a rework?

If your project is linked to Git, then I have some solutions.

  1. Download the project from your Git account.
  2. Please do not extract the project because there are some errors.
  3. Go into the zip folder and find your test cases without extracting.
  4. This test case can be opened in Notepad and saved as a Yaml file.
  5. Then copy and paste the test case into some folder.
  6. Go to test project and click open file and import test.
  7. Choose the yaml file, click next, select the folder, and import it.
  8. The deleted/missing testcases will appear.

However, we have to do them one by one.


So to clarify, if we have not used the GitHub integration then all the work is lost due to their update error?

And also, no one from Tricentis or the TestProject support team has come to the forum to communicate this?

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@moderators We need your help and attention because this raises a big question mark on your stability and is being delayed.


Same problem here. I edited tests and added an addon on June 22 and erverything dissapeared.

The same issue for me as well, many of my jobs are missing, and have to reschedule the jobs since the scheduled time is also removed from the job :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Just bumping this thread to the top as I really think the TestProject team need to acknowledge that this happened. Completely ignoring it reflects very badly on Tricentis.

Are we ever going to get all our work back ? Is anyone from TestProject team going to ever reply ? This is worst experience with TestProject tool…sad…

This issue also happen on my end. Will have to rework on all the missing tests from scratch.

Same issue here as well.

Hello all.

We’ve looked into this issue and identified the cause. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the lost data but the issue has been fixed so it will not happen again. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @eldar, thank you for getting back.
What was the issue?

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

Perhaps a bit more awareness of the implications of the action?

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@eldar - Thank you for the response. Obviously it is not the answer I am looking for, but at least now I can work on restoring everything that is missing, with the “assurance” that the problem will not happen again.

I am curious, though, why it took so long for TestProject to communicate to the community that a problem does exist and that your team is working on the issue. Many people on this forum were left in limbo, while waiting for a response from you. I work for an IT service provider and I can assure you that this level of communication, for an event of this severity, would not be tolerated. I don’t understand why TestProject did not send an email communication or even a post on your website, both of which I seen you do in the past for your marketing campaigns. Even now I don’t understand why you are not sending an email out to the community, defining the problem, the service dates effected and your team’s resolution. There were many topics created about this issue and you should ensure that everyone is aware of your resolution.

I have been using your product for 3 years now and I have been always impressed with every feature-set that you have or are going to be introducing. However I have to say that your level of support has declined in 2022, especially the past couple of months. This past event is a great example. I am hoping that this will improve in the future and help restore my confidence in TestProject.

Thank you


You are absolutely right @ecolosi . I have been using TestProject for more than a year and it has always been a good experience. One of the, if not the best, free UI automation tool available in the market right now. But as you pointed out, there have been quite a few problems in the past couple of months and the support team hasnt been proactive in addressing the concerns. :frowning: Really hope this gets back to how it. was before. But nevertheless, you guys are still doing a pretty good job. @eldar

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I am pleased we finally got a response but I am not left feeling confident about the future of TestProject.