After maintenance on testproject, three days' worth of test cases are missing

After maintenance on testproject, three days’ worth of test cases are missing. Around 30+ test cases were missing. Please help me to rectify it.

Missing testcases from June 22, June 23 and June 24.


Same issue occur to me.

Hi There, I’m also facing same issue like you, my scripts are also missing which we developed since yesterday- Really its weird. Even jobs also being missed


Same issue here also;


@ran.ferdinaro After maintenance on testproject, three days’ worth of test cases are missing. Around 20+ test cases were missing. The test cases were backed up. Is it possible to import or pull testcases from github into testproject? or It is going to be a rework?

Same issue here…will our latest changes be reverted back? or required rework?

Same issue here occurred today

We have been also facing the same issue, tests which were created from 22nd to 24th June are missing and the same is with the reports as well. Please let us know if there any way we will get our tests back.

Same problem here - is anyone from TestProject going to respond to this thread?

Same here. Scripts updated are gone

Dear Team,

@Karen.Teboulle @ran.ferdinaro

Please advise…

@david.goichman @guy.saban

Please advise

I lost tests, jobs, and also changes from June 21

Same issue for us as well. All our tests implemented in the last 2 days were lost

Same issue for me as well …

Yeah! everything we did yesterday was remove. All the test cases, jobs, even the test reports. :tired_face:

Restore the dropped production database please :melting_face:


Same with our account.

That’s the best idea that restore the dropped Prod DB in a meantime, honestly its a lot of work if we want replicate all work done.

I have also lost 2 days worth of scripting. Has anyone had an update on the issue and whether it is going to be resolved?