Advantages of using OpenSDK vs TestProject site or trying to combine both


I’m quite new to the framework, and would appreciate some tips so that one could get the most out of TestProject.

TestProject allows us to record and perform tests by using only the website + Agent -combination. Tests can be scheduled as Jobs as well from the site for automation. Then on the other hand there’s TestProject OpenSDK (we use C#), which allows us to do the same from code. But what if someone writes tests in code, but some people use the website on the same project, from what I understand the coded test doesn’t automatically exist in the project (eventhough it is shown in reporting) and the recorded test on the website will not automatically exist in the coded project.

  1. What are the key advantages of using OpenSDK vs doing all on web? when is it a must to use OpenSDK for example
  2. Are there disadvantages of using only the TestProject website for everything?
  3. Is there a good way of using/organizing both OpenSDK and website? for example, more technical people writing tests in code and others using the website and to keep all tests still organized

I welcome all resources, tips and advice, thanks in advance!

Hi @Wilho ,

  1. When creating a coded test, one of the key benefits is that you can upload the test to your project and use it, for example as a step in the existing recorded test:
    And of course, as you already know, you can execute your coded test from the IDE itself.
  • Regarding the automatic existence, it will not automatically exist in your TestProject account.
    For that scenario, you will have to upload it manually to your account you can find more information about this subject here:
    How can I upload a coded test to TestProject | TestProject Help Center

  • The philosophy behind OpenSDK is to have a single SDK that is as close as possible to the standard Selenium and Appium, allowing users to easily integrate it into existing automation frameworks while utilizing TestProject’s Agent powers for driver management, single-click configuration, and automatic reporting features.

  • In essence, in coded tests, you have more flexibility, for example, you can use external actions that do not exist in our addons.
    You can import external classes and create effective addons for your personal use, or you can upload them to the community and everyone can enjoy using them.
    In addition, everything related to loops inside steps and steps inside steps (subtests) will be easier to control over the features we want to give them regarding what we want to achieve.
    If you looking for information about creating an addon you can find it here:

  1. There is no disadvantage with using the recorder only, as I wrote above, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve from your test.
    If you want to test some functionality on your application, maybe the recorder will be better for your scenario, but for other users who are more comfortable with code automation, coded tests would be a more comfortable way for them.
    One is no better than the other, it all comes to what is more comfortable to you and what you are trying to achieve.

  2. You can upload your coded tests to the website and organize them the way you like, and also it will give you the effectiveness to use this coded test as a step.

I hope this answered your questions, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your detailed answer!

I think especially the part about “having more flexibility” by having control over the code is something that I can relate to.

Your answer also confirmed that uploading the tests is the action necessary in order for tests to exist in the project.

I think what’s left is to wait until downloading tests with C# OpenSDK will be released :slight_smile:

If you want to create an addon with C#, you can generate a legacy SDK.
The Legacy SDKs are used exclusively for creating Addons.
Also, C# OpenSDK is on our roadmap for 2022 :slight_smile:

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