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Addon for random number generator?

Is there an addon for random number generator specifically 9 random SSN digits?
I did not see one. And where do I find instructions on how to use addons?

Thank you.

Hello Melinda, you can use the Get Random Value From Fixed list addon.
You can put the SSN numbers in the list, it will output a random one.

for example:

Hmmm…I was hoping to just get 9 random numbers between 0-9 and not a fixed list because I want it different every time, it needs to be unique number every time.


You can also use the Generate random number in range addon.
put 0 as minimum and 9 as maximum.

Great! I found the addon and installed it. Thanks!
Where are instructions on how to use or implement the addons? Thanks.

You can find documentation on some of the addons here: https://docs.testproject.io/testproject-addons/available-addons

Most of the addons has instructions inside when you try to use them, above their input fields and/or name.

Great! Thank you so much for all your help! Much appreciated!