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Add validation Button dropdown have no values

hi Team

I am not able to find the dropdown for Optional - validate output when i am editing the step.

do i need to add any addons for that to display dropdown values.

Hello @rajaniramesh14
You can use Get text Action for example to validate the text in the dropdown :

You can use validate output for the text and or insert the text into a parameter and use it on another step with the conditions.

Please let me know if it’s helped you.

There seems to have been a regression with the Test Editor:
The optional validate output dropdown is not populating

Does this mean .the validation dropdown is empty because of some bug that is currently in test project.


I have selected the get text and added TEXT Parameter …still i am not able to see dropdown for validation.(dropdown is not populating other values like contain etc)

can you please elaborate the function of the dropdown.

AFAIK there is a bug with the test editor (issues arose when they started using the new “non-legacy” editor for editing tests) when NOT in record mode.

You can verify this by opening the test you want to edit in “Record” mode.
The drop-down’s populate when using Record mode.

Hi @nathan.hill ,

You are still facing this empty list when trying to choose validation or condition?
Refreshing the windows doesn’t solve this for you?

Thanks…I tried the above solution in record mode the validation dropdown is displayed
with options.