Add/Update Job Notification Preferences via API

Greetings TP team!

Is there a way to add or update Job Notification Preferences via TestProject API? We are using the TP API to where we’ll be creating new jobs each time a new build for one of our products is created. The problem we’re having now is that we don’t know of a way to add Job Notification Preferences using the TestProject API and we need that option to ensure that an email and webhook notification is sent when the job is done executing and a report is generated. I am finding that the most powerful features of your platform are UI configurable only and there is so much potential in making endpoints such as the one I mentioned available in your v2 API architecture. If such endpoint does not exist in v2, please consider adding it in the near future :slight_smile:

Hi @clopez ,

I have opened an improvement ticket.

You will be notified here once it’s resolved :slight_smile:

This is the ticket number: TP-17267.

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