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Add "Repeat" option to the test when adding them to the job

Currently when I need to run some test(s) several times (for example 200) it will need me to add same test to the job 200 time (pretty complicated task).
As a workaround I can use recorder and group all steps as a test an set “Repeat” option to any amount I need but there will be no test run report in case something went wrong.

It would be great to add repeat option to the test(s) which are added to the job.


Thank you for the suggestion. In the meantime, you can create a test that will only run the test and set the repeat on this step. Later on you will see the tests under a step in the reporter.

  • Create new web test and select Blank Test

  • In RunTest delete the auto generated navigation step and add a new step with type Test, give the test to run name, pass it the Application url parameter, set On Failure behaviour to Continue Test and set the repeat step option.

Afterwards in the report you will see a step with multiple repeats

Very appreciated your advice but current workaround doesn’t fit project criteria.
I really hope that you will be able to implement Repeat functionality. I’d really want to fully use Your great solution.