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Add "Environment" to Application settings

Our application can live in various environments, e.g. dev, QA, staging, production, but the URL for testing only allows for one of those to be tested (without changing it each time or creating separate applications for each environment). Something very helpful, would be able to provide a default for testing (e.g. dev), but allow for switching on the fly to test against QA or staging, etc (if that’s where the code has been deployed). This would then require having different application variables (login would perhaps be different for QA vs. dev) based upon the environment being used.

It might be as simple as having a .env file of some sort that is used along with some defaults, and then be able set them via system or user (as this might be something needed in CI/CD)

You can achieve it by simply overriding the URL and other parameters that changes between your environments via TestProject API, in real time. more then that you can run the same job XX times in parallel in front of multiple environments by passing different values. this method can be also used if you don’t want to store secret params in TestProject (just define blank secret params and ovverdie them during execution via API.

this is the endpoint you are looking for: TestProject API v2

let me know if it helps

Thanks, we can certainly use that method for jobs, however, what is the reason for putting in the “URL” then for an application? It seems superfluous as even the first step created for a test is always the navigate to URL step. Of course this can be deleted or changed, but it still seems like that should be dynamic in the “application” section or removed if it’s unnecessary.