Action to Enter card number

hi all, I want to enter card Number in Credit card details. ,

i tried with Type text , [Text wont support]
Random credit card number [not supported]
convert string to number[no use]
used with parameter and without parameter [not supported]

can any one help me with possible action ?? which is used to enter only number .?

Thank you

For me, worked this sequence:

  • Create step " Random credit card number" and write result to output parameter, for example “card

  • Create second step “Type text”, to card number element, and add “card” parameter to step inputs

Thank you so much for your reply @jurijs.bekajevs

I sort out that issue yesterday .
With 3 Action steps

1.“Switch to iFrame”
2.“Type text”
3.“Switch to default content” [Exit iFrame]

Thank you

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