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Action failed due to locators

I am using this xpath to find element and type text
XPATH: //android.widget.EditText[@text = ‘Email’]

The testproject tool is able to find the element and click on it but unable to enter ant text in that field.

Hi Gaurav, try to replace the “type” action you are using with “type text using ADB”

Thanks @Mark_K.
This worked…great!!

@Mark_K Also can you tell that is it possible to reuse the recorded steps of previous apk for new apk if I upload a new apk to testproject ? How can we do that?

Hello @gaurav.j.

If if you upload the new APK as another application, you can reuse steps from other tests in tests created for the new application simply by grouping the steps you want to reuse as a test:

And then adding that test as a nested test inside the test on the new APK:

If your new APK is an updated build of your current APK, you can also go into the Applications section in your project:


And edit the existing application:

And upload a new version:

This will quickly change all tests you have already created that use the older build, to use the newer build.