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Accessing non visible part of web page

I ran into a problem when executing a test. One of the screens has a table/grid that has around 40 columns. These columns are role based. In the QA, I have used the .csv data for each role. It works fine only if all the columns are visible. To do that I need to set the web zoom level to 33% after the test launches. If I don’t set the zoom, the test only locates the columns visible on the screen and is able to find the column header text, while it fails to find the text in the column headers for the columns not visible. Is there a way to set the browser zoom level when launching the test? The browser launched for testing overrides the default zoom level of 33% to 100%.

You can utilize the execute javascript action with this code it will not be the same as browser zoom but if recorded with this changes it should work like any other test.

In the begging of flow use this:


And in the end of the flow you can use this:


And then continue your test.