About read OTP From Email and Enter that OTP Automatically in Email


In my Project there is OTP and Email Activation Functionality From where i can activate my account.

I need Solutions for OTP auto-fetch and activate the Account and Same for the Email Everytime i Used different Email to register and everytime the unique Activation Key generated to activate the account so i need same Solutions for validate the Activation Link and activate account.

I need test case tutorial for these.

Hi @kishan.test.7,
There few possible ways to go about it and they all depend on your application.
To retrieve an OTP and to use it inside your test there are 4 ways to do it:

  1. You can automate the entire flow log into the email and get the OTP from the mail itself.
  2. You can send an API request to your applications endpoint to retrieve the OTP if such endpoint exists depend on your application.
  3. You can send a query to database to retrieve the information that is needed or change the user status to activate to completely skip the OTP step.
  4. You can ask your developer to disable the 2FA (OTP) in case of testing purposes.
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Hi @Amit.Lacher do you have step by step procedure on how to connect to email provider endpoit to retrieve the email otp? Thanks a lot!!

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