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Able to check connection issue but required some kind of test report for test job execution aborted

Please refer my below post which is related to connection issue and I am able to abort other dependent test job. Also thankful to TestProject team to develop this type of unique feature.

Awesome feature provided by TestProject Tool to check connection issue before your all business critical test jobs fail

  • I would like to request to TestProject team if you can provide some mail and test report for aborted test job.
  • If any test job ends or fail [Because of connectivity issue] then it is better if you send mail or some type of test report related to connection issue. Currently test not running because agent is disconnected and only gives error related to aborting test case execution but its better if you send mail like “Test Job Aborted” [Something like this]

Hi @malay.p,

Thank you very much for sharing this insightful article with us!

As for your questions, you have an option to get email notifications in your job. We allow you to get an email/Slack/any other webhook notification before and after the job gets executed. It will send you a summary of the report with a link to the full report in TestProject.

In case there’s a connectivity issue, your agent will be offline as it requires an internet connection. As a result of that, you’ll get this failure message that says the agent is not running.
Since your test should test the internet connection, you can tell that there’s an internet connection issue from that error message.

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