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Ability to set Recovery Test on all steps

Hi there,

I recently discovered a new step was added to TestProject a while ago to record the Chrome Console Logs. This step is great!

What I would love to be able to do is run this step whenever step fails. I don’t need the logs if a step passes, but it would be good to see the console output when it fails. How I have this set up is that I have a separate test with one step, get Chrome Console Logs.

The issue is that I have to go through every step one by one and add the recovery test. A feature that would be great would be to be able to set a recovery test for all steps in the Test section. Currently I can choose to How to Act if Step Fails but Recovery Test is not an option here:



You can simply group the steps to 1 flow, and then set a recovery test on the flow.
Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Group steps into a subtest:

  1. Go into the new subtest:


  1. Under advanced options set recovery test:

Hi, thanks for the response

So what you are suggesting is instead of having 1 test, I need to create 2 tests.

Test 1: only has one step, run test 2 with the recovery test to get the chrome logs
Test 2: has all of the steps I actually want performed

This would maybe work, it just seems a little messy don’t you think? Instead of creating 1 test I would need to create 2. Which can get very messy if I want to apply this to all of my tests

Hello again,
It’s possible to manage the newly created sub-tests inside a different folder.
It also has the advantage of giving you the control on which steps to run the recovery test on. rather then on the entire test.