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Ability to have a device lab

as we are able to access devices remotely through the live agent, it would be great if we can have a place to view all the devices connected to an agent that can be accessed remotely. This will help to utilize devices used by the team located at other place.It can also help QAs to use these devices for manual testing. Let me know if any more use cases or clarification is required.

Hello @it.dishantrawat
You can see which devices are/were connected to the agent.
In the agents page, you can expand the agent, and click on the devices tab:

Yes thats right , i can view the device and can also access . However this doesnt work always , most of the times it doesnt respond from here but when same accessed through debugger it works fine. I will attach a video later explaining the issue .

You can send it over to support@testproject.io