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Ability to click where mouse is moved?

I am currently creating a test that is drawing a polygon on a leaflet map.
I am able to click on the map itself with the xpath id=map-container.
Then I use an addon feature where I move the mouse to element with offset. Xoffset and Yoffset input parameters. When running the test, I can see the mouse position successfully moved.
How then would I click in that exact position? I’ve tried the step to click on an element but I am unable to include the x and y offset.

This also leads me to something else – I downloaded the test and opened it in VSCode. I modified a step to include the x,y offset in the click step. I then saved it and zipped it up. I tried uploading exactly what I downloaded except the small edit and it wouldn’t let me upload the zip because it didn’t contain the right files/dll files. Not sure why that was happening…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello @erick.caceres.

If all you need to do is perform a click on the current mouse position, you can consider the following actions from the web extensions addon:

As for the uploading part, please take a look at the Github repository documentation for a detailed step by step on how to build and upload C# coded tests: