A question about speed

In reference to my topic here, an answer to my topic suggested to use the addon ‘Convert String to Numeric’, which eventually involved like an additional 4 more steps
(get, convert, get, convert, evaluate).

A suggestion I was given somewhere else involved using ‘Evaluate Javascript’ which potentially removes 2 steps
(get, get, use JS:

return Number({proposal_totalAmount}) - Number({proposalDiscountAmount})

(script might be wrong, but you should get the idea here)

It made me wonder: in this case, would using the Addon be better than Javascript in terms of speed? Related: would lesser steps == more efficient/faster test cases?

Hi @erik.yeow ,

At the end of the day, in terms of speed, maybe Javascript will be quicker, however, we are talking about milliseconds.
It doesn’t really matter which way you choose if the JS effectiveness in terms of speed is better for your desired result, execute your test case with the JS way.
Maybe for other users, the addon would be more comfortable.

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