503 -Schedule maintenance

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable -

Its happening, is there any schedule maintenance

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I’m also facing the issue.

Maintenance now

How long it will take to finish the maintenance @1wolfgang555 and also i didn’t receive any notification about the maintenance , is there any forum page available to check the scheduled maintenance?

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Every Friday there’s maintenance :smiley:

There are some issues with the network. We are looking into it.


Thanks =) We’ll be waiting

@eldar , please update us once it is fixed

@eldar any update in this issue ?

Any update. I am getting below issue too

Still maintenance, just wait

@eldar TestProject is now back but like yesterday I now can’t run tests against the agents, and having issues registering agents.

Same here, I am also facing same issue. Also lost all the schedules from the jobs that I did.

TestProject is back up.


thanks @eldar but now agents aren’t working. I can’t run tests against them or register agents.

@eldar the agents are not working . we are unable to run the tests or jobs.

@eldar we are facing registration issues after each maintenance cycle of TP. Could you please fix that issue.
Our agent is ready but the symbol on right corner is in red

@eldar please add the permanent and perfect fix for that issue . our work is affected by these issues .

@eldar testproject is under maintenance again. Can you pls look into this why this happened again and again.

Today morning also they have put under maintenance and again now it went to under maintenance. It is humble request to @eldar and Test project team please let us know also so that we can plan our things. Otherwise, it is very difficult and panic situation for us for what to do in this situation.