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401 unauthorized django

I’m currently carrying out automated regression testing on my website. When i log into it manually, the request to the backend server works properly. However, when i attempt to automate the site, i get a 401 unauthorized error although i have stored the token in the frontend local storage.

May i know how do i get about this?

Hi, please write to us in a support chat or send email to support@testproject.io, we will enable a recorder V2 for you, he should handle it.

Hi, I have found a workaround about it hahas!
I’ll just stick to refreshing the page for now. I’ll write in to support if i need any assistance

sure, it’s related to how the recorder V1 works in some cases, anyhow keep in mind that there is a new recorder is coming (V2) and he is able to handle iframes and some restricted sites better, then the V1