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2020 New Features & Capabilities

We’ve had a great start to the first 2 quarters of 2020, and we plan to continue as always to release many more new cool features, integrations and capabilities!

So keep your feedback coming, as we are continuously building new features and improving according to your requests.

We are dedicated to developing with :heartpulse: the best platform for all of you to enjoy!

Recently Released

  1. TestProject Agents in Docker containers enabling to setup virtual labs & run tests in parallel
  2. Integration with Sauce Labs, BrowserStack & qTest
  3. Headless Chrome and Firefox browser support
  4. Enhanced API capabilities and brand-new Jenkins V2 plugin
  5. Detailed PDF reports with screenshots for all steps
  6. Intelligent Adaptive Wait mechanism leading to maximum test stability (within the recorder and SDK)

What’s Coming Up Soon?

  1. Recorder “makeover” including iFrame support with a cool new UI
  2. Redesigned SDK functionality
    *Automatic reporting
    *Debugging and running tests locally without uploading to the cloud, while still enjoying reporting and dashboards
    *New SDKs: Python and JavaScript

And of course many more exciting features coming up in 2020! :star_struck: