07/01/2022 Under Maintainenace

Hi TestProject team, I am unable to receive any email updates with regards to downtime/maintenance. Is there a way to be included in the email notification for it? Thanks


Hi Team,

Is there any TAT for this? Since past 4hrs we are facing this downtime.


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I would also like to know.
Just tried to login this morning to see how my tests had done yesterday.
Would like to know when downtime is scheduled.

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Same here, has been waiting since this morning…

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@matthijs.risselada forget about that. Last week we lost of tests and they never came back to tell us why it happened. So if you want to see if there is any scheduled downtime…it is a very bad hope


Funny guys with testproject :man_facepalming: what will happen to lost tests, no one has received an answer, but since very morning there is no way to log in and again no comments

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I’m waiting about nearly 7 hours for the maintenance to end :)) anyway hope they fix it soon.

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Hi there! No official updates? :roll_eyes: checked also in twitter but no tweets about it.

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I’m kind of worried about the future of TestProject, given all the downtime lately and the lack of response to questions. I really like TestProject, can you please let us know if it will stay up?


No official updates yet… I am having second thought about this tool.

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Yup it looks promising yet inconsistent in their support and uptime. I’d rather switch to robot framework + appium running on local though it would need the team to learn a new tool for it

Surely this kind of maintenance would be better suited over the weekend?

Really hoping we don’t lose more tests this time

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Hi @testproject @Amit.Lacher

We are having downtime in TestProject since morning. Facing “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” or “Error 502 Bad gateway” or “Error 504 Gateway time-out” in TestProject application
Can anyone please have a look into this issue?

Please find below snippets for reference

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Still under maintenance, just in case TestProject team haven’t noticed (hard to tell if they have noticed due to the minimal interaction we get in the forum)

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What is gonna be lost now, i wonder? ):

I understand that TestProject is a service provided for free, but the minimal interaction when the service goes down is incredibly frustrating. A few months ago a similar issue caused a lot of hassle at a critical moment and no information was provided for some time.

Even simply an acknowledgement that there is a problem and it is actively being investigated would be something.



Sorry for not replying before. We experienced an infrastructure issue 2 days ago that was already fixed.

Hi @amit.yahav is there information about the timeframe this infrastructure issue happened? It will be useful to track and troubleshoot on our side.
Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.