Test in the job cant be run in IE, window remain until manually closed.

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When a job tries to run a test in IE it shows a window as on attached picture and hangs like this until manually closed.
OS: Windows 10 professional.

Hi Nikolay,
Please go to Display settings (mouse right click -> Display Settings) and under 'Scale and layout' can you make sure that the scaling is 100%.
If scaling is not 100% please change it to 100% and try to run the test again.
If scaling is already 100% or you changed it to 100% but the problem still occurs, please go to 'Reports' tab, in your specific test details and under 'status' there is an error icon, click on it and take a screenshot of the error message and send it.

It worked at 100% indeed.
However at my Surface pro 4 its's almost impossible to use such scaling (default and recommended value is 200%), so would be nice to not have this problem for other scaling values as well.

How I can use addon proxy in test
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in my thesis ,i need huge amounts of RFID data for my test .how can i use rifidi  generate data such as <tagid,readerid,time>.i need your help ,thanks


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