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Announcements and News

This category contains announcements that are related to TestProject.
Everything new and exciting will be here, including the latest product news and release notes for TestProject’s free test automation platform!

General Questions

Use this category to ask general questions in the test automation field and regarding to TestProject.

Selenium and Appium

This category contains everything related to Selenium and Appium.

TestProject Smart Test Recorder

TestProject’s in-browser recorder provides a powerful set of built-in capabilities, that enable you to rapidly record and create automated tests for Web, Android and iOS apps.

TestProject Addons, SDK and Coded Tests

TestProject provides a powerful SDK for creating tests and addons using standard open source libraries (Selenium & Appium) for Web, Android and iOS applications.

TestProject DevOps Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD workflow with DevOps popular tools like Jenkins and Slack. Utilize our RESTful API to easily trigger automation, send email notifications and tie into webhooks from other tools.

Feature and Improvement Requests

Use this category to submit feature requests and improvements you’d like to see in TestProject. We’d also love to hear Addon suggestions you are interested in having. We review all of your requests and highly appreciate your feedback!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.